In the next pages you will discover few of the recipes that I have made in my kitchen. Most of the recipes are personal; others are inspired from other kitchens or made by my family for many generations.

Why reading another recipes site?

Well, the reasons are plenty but I will stop too few of them. First – food is always an interest for everybody and everyday we want to bring something new to the table. This is why I came out with recipes. Second – every kitchen is different, every house has a style or taste and this is why there is always something new. My site is created to help you in your everyday dinner time, but always in preparing great foods for parties. I will try to explain as much in detail as possible, show you steps in preparing the food and suggestions on how to get the best.

Who am I?

My name is Barbara and I am living in Vermont, U.S.A, but I am originally from Romania, a country with a lot of history, traditions and influences: roman (Italian), Greek, Slavic, Saxon (German), Turkish and many more. This is why our cuisine is so complex and I hope I can show you that. You will notice a lot of Transylvanian recipes as I am coming from that part of Romania, more exact from Cluj-Napoca, a wonderful city with a great history (dating from 200 BC) and a great population.

I am a very busy person, working two jobs and run a house, but my passion for cooking never stopped me from preparing the dinner or organizing parties for friends and family. Because I am busy, you will notice a lot of recipes that take a little less than 30 minutes to bring on your table (can you say that Rachel Ray is one of my favorites?). Coming to the States opened a new door for me. Always in love with the cooking (Thank you MOM!) and always anxious to discover new ingredients and recipes,

America offered me a great range of ingredients, but mostly a wonderful variety of cultures and traditions. It’s known thatAmerica is the land of everyone: Native Americans, Italians, Anglicans, French, Chinese, Mexicans and so many more. This offered and offers me everyday new inspirations in creating my recipes. So, in just few words, I made you curious about what I have to offer.Remember – the site is in continuous “under construction” as every day I add more recipes as I cook them in my kitchen. Please come and check them out every day, leave comments and suggestions or even ask me to try one of your favorite recipes.