10 Benefits of Not Eating Animals!

In the past I wrote about what causes your white blood cells to decrease. Anything that you ingest (eat) that is not biological correct in the human will increase your chances of undermining your immune system (white blood cells.) Someone was said that we bury ourselves with our mouth — how true. In this great land of ours we eat anything that moves, from cockroaches to lobsters to animals. Below is a little synopsis about the dangers of eating animal products.

A point I would like to illuminate is that no matter what you do or say or feel you cannot, I repeat, cannot negate cause and effect. If you disobey nature, you will pay the price sooner for some and later for others. Our biologically correct foods are fresh fruits, some vegetables, and some nuts and seeds, all in a raw untampered condition. Anything else creates problems.

Objections to the use of all animals products

Animal products leave an overload of toxic acid residues in the body.

1. Leaves a high amount of acid-ash residues in the blood, fluids, and tissues.
2. Uric, phosphoric, and sulfuric acids.
3. Calcium reserves are used (osteoporosis) up.
4. Calcium urate residues are deposited in the soft tissues and calcify (arteriosclerosis).
Animal products are high in fat.
1. 30 – 70% fat, depending on the cut. Additionally, dairy products, whole milk, cream and
2. butter and cheese are high fat foods.
3. Animal fats are high in saturation and cholesterol.
4. Cooked fats in the bloodstream reduce oxygen availability (Rouleaux Effect).
5. Heated animal fats are linked to cancer.Animal foods are fattening. Fat contains about 3 times the calories of carbohydrates and twice the calories of protein, ounce-for-ounce.
Animal products contain man-made poisons in abundance.
6. Animals are walking reservoirs for accumulated poisons, which they pass on to you. Pesticides, herbicides, and artificial fertilizers should not be part of any diet.
7.Animal products stimulate overeating.
8.The stimulation received from eating animals products produce overeating. They make you feel good. They act like drugs.
9. Animal products contain no fiber.
10.Animal product putrefy in the intestinal tract. Leaving ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, purines, and other poisons reducing the functioning of intestinal flora, and interfering with the synthesis and utilization of Vitamin B-12, etc.

I hope you enjoy your rigor mortis on your dinner plate!